Workshop Facility

We have a team of highly skilled and professional workforce. Together with advanced facilities, equipment, tools and the latest technology, we are able to provide round the clock service to meet our clients’ needs. With our back-up workshop facilities and our well-trained personnel, we are certainly in the position to provide excellent services to meet our clients’ requirements.
Following repair, maintenance works and services carrying out in our workshop:
  Control Panel building.
Electrical installations
Rewinding of Three phase and single Phase motors and Armatures
Repairing of Generators
Repairing of all kind of house hold electrical appliances such as; Ovens, Rice Cookers, Blenders, Floor polishers, Gas cookers and stoves, Vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens Etc
Repairing of A/C and Refrigerators
Repairing of water pumps
Rewinding and repairing of submersible pumps.
Modification can be done to the Parts not available equipment and appliances. Instead of throwing away your valuable equipment, check with our professionals to find a solution and make it function.