General services

HIMO ENGINEERS (The maintenance Company) also has an innovative program called Preventive Maintenance, which was designed to give you peace of mind, knowing your place is running safely and efficiently. Twice a year, our experienced staff checks and cleans your all equipments including Refrigerators ,Stoves, Kitchen range, water tanks, checks all smoke alarms and  detectors; and cleans and checks your gutters and downspouts.
Preventive Maintenance, tailored to your individual needs, gives you the benefit of a safer environment, as well as the comfort of knowing your place is being serviced by an experienced staff whose goal is to provide you with quality, worry-free service.

We will help you maintain  your largest investment!

Whether you maintain a client’s property or your own premises, electrical maintenance plays a vital role in keeping your business running smoothly. From a breakdown call out to larger electrical updates we will be there to help and following are examples of the services we provide, some of which are offered on an estimate-basis only. The list is not all-inclusive, so please do not hesitate to request any special services that do not appear here:

  Repair or replace doors and door closers
Repair or replace locks
Install dead bolt locks
Fit doors and thresholds
Weather strip doors
Replace ceiling tile
Replace cove base
Replace and repair mailbox posts
Build bookshelves
Replace, design or install crown molding and chair rail
Custom design and build cabinets, mantles, furniture, etc.
Design and build custom decks
track lighting
Install doorbells and chimes
Install outdoor walk lights
Install 220 outlets
Install dimmer switches
Replace or install light fixtures
Repair lamps, cords and plugs
Repair and install fluorescent fixtures
Replace and add switches, outlets, fuses, breakers and motors
Install ceiling fans
  Sell and install carpeting
Sell and install ceramic, vinyl, parquet and hardwood
Sell, install and service units
Start, check and clean units
  Provide painting–interior and exterior
Supply and install windows and doors
Supply and install siding, soffit and fascia
Replace roofs
Provide space planning
Provide design consulting
Provide furniture arrangement
Recommend color and finish selections
Make accessory selection and provide installation
Supply and install custom window treatments
Supply and install wall coverings
Provide closet design
  Repair pipe joint leaks
Repair and snake drain lines
Repair, replace and snake commodes
Replace faucets
Replace hot water tanks
Caulk sinks and tubs
Install vanities
Provide carpet cleaning
Pressure-wash siding and decks
Provide a complete preventive maintenance program
Provide welding (minor repairs)
Store lawn furniture (on your premises)
Store awnings (on your premises)
Clean gutters and downspouts
Oil motors
Split logs
Check home while customer is on vacation


We have a team of highly skilled and professional workforce. Together with advanced facilities, equipment, tools and the latest technology, we are able to provide round the clock service to meet our clients’ needs. With our back-up workshop facilities and our well-trained personnel, we are certainly in the position to provide excellent services to meet our clients’ requirements.
Following repair, maintenance works and services carrying out in our workshop
Control Panel building.
Electrical installations
Rewinding of Three phase and single Phase motors and Armatures
Repairing of Generators
Repairing of all kind of house hold electrical appliances such as; Ovens, Rice Cookers, Blenders, Floor polishers, Gas cookers and stoves, Vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens Etc
Repairing of A/C and Refrigerators
Repairing of water pumps
Rewinding and repairing of submersible pumps.
Modification can be done to the Parts not available equipment and appliances. Instead of throwing away your valuable equipment, check with our professionals to find a solution and make it function.


We offer maintenance contracts for owners of bungalows and holiday homes. We understand that it is not always possible for the owners properties to oversee works, so at Himo engineers (The Maintenance Company) it is essential that all work is only ever carried out to the highest standard and that the property is treated with respect and left to the standard expected by the client.

We only employ qualified professionals to undertake skill work and work together with a number of private contractors which cover a range of specialised skills.

These include:
Maintenance and general repairs
Kitchens and bathrooms
Wood flooring
Carpet and floor coverings
Electrical, A/C and carpentry
If the service that you require is not shown above, please contact us to discuss your requirements.